Irish dance classes for fun and fitness

If you're interested in dancing recreationally, don't have time to commit to the professional company, or don't want to audition for the company just yet, our weekly company classes are open to all Irish dancers (18 years and over) with previous experience. 

open company classes

In addition to a professional company, The Seattle Irish Dancers  offer a platform for dancers who want to continue dancing in a way that works best for them.

Company classes are open to everyone who has Irish danced in the past or present, regardless of dance level or school affiliation. Seattle Irish Dance Company is completely independent, and classes are not taught by a TCRG.

Folks in our open classes range from the occasional drop in student who wants a good workout, to our company members.  We welcome everyone and strive to ensure every dancer gets something out of class.

Classes are currently held on Thursday evenings and every other Sunday morning in downtown Seattle

Contact us for more information - we would love to dance with you!  

At this time, we don't offer classes for beginning dancers. If you are an adult interested in learning the basics of Irish dance, please drop us a line - with enough interest, we may add an additional class. We do not offer classes for children. 


If you're looking for a more rigorous commitment and professional performance opportunities, learn about our audition process here