Wednesday June, 12

The lead dancer from Riverdance is thrilled to bring her inspiring workshops to dancers all across America!

Focusing on the Festival style Slip Jig, this workshop will incorporate all aspects of performance and stage presence, ensuring that each and every dancer leaves feeling more confident in themselves and their abilities. 

Lauren is also passionate about telling her story of perseverance and self-belief to inspire the next generation of dancers to follow their dreams and believe that anything is possible.

With 12 years of professional experience, Lauren is more than willing to offer her advice and expertise to all and hopes she can positively influence every dancer she works with! 

Don't miss out on what will be an unforgettable experience!

Please email to express your interest.

Originating in Ulster, the Festival association is very traditional in style with understated costumes and natural hair and make-up. A lot of emphasis is based around the dancer's performance and the feeling the dancer creates whilst on stage. With haunting music, so full of emotion from the late Patricia Mulholland, the Festival style allows the dancer to delve into the music and take themselves and the audience on an emotional journey. The slow Slip Jig in Festival is particularly special; elegant, controlled, strong and emotional; this sets the tradition apart and gives it its unique identity.

The Seattle Irish Dance Company is more innovative, fresh, and different in their approach than most any other dance group out there.
— Steve Behrens, 67 Music